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The game starts with the selection of a leader for humanity's survival. The leader in the Zombie Crusade has the ability to rewind time upon death. Whenever they are defeated by zombies, they go back to 5000 B.C. However, the experience and resources gained from battles with zombies remain, serving as the foundation for creating the next civilization. By studying the processes of inventions and discoveries that had a significant impact on human history, you secure the technology to develop civilizations and establish a new civilization on the land overrun by zombies.

Depending on the inventions and discoveries obtained by the leader, you can strengthen the military power of the civilization created in the zombie world. From primitive huts and cavemen in 5000 B.C. to knights, cavalry, and musketeers, create a variety of soldiers and upgrade them to become more powerful.

The only way to protect humanity from zombies is by constructing a stronger civilization.

* How to play:

1. Choose a leader to build a civilization. Initially, you can start the origin of humanity from a nameless tribal chief in the land overrun by zombies.
2. Start researching on topics that have had a great impact on human history with the available resources, or upgrade the leader's abilities.
3. Enter the zombie world and defend your base by increasing the number of soldiers or upgrading them.

* Features:
1. Unlock new soldiers or upgrade fields based on the researched topics.
2. When you upgrade the leader's abilities, all soldiers in the new civilization start from the leader's abilities.
3. All soldiers automatically attack and engage in combat with zombies within their line of sight.

* Soldier Control:

1. Touch a soldier or select one soldier, or press the "Select All" button at the bottom of the screen to select soldiers.
2. When there are selected soldiers, pressing the pause button will make them stay in place and attack zombies within their range. Pressing the play button will allow them to move freely again.
3. Press the "Return" button, and the selected soldiers will move back to the base.
4. When resources are scarce or the population is high and you cannot create more soldiers, you can select soldiers and exchange them for resources.

Develop your civilization, defeat more zombies, and save humanity!

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