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Your Diary: Mood Daily Journal v1.1.2.9 Mod APK (Remove ads,Unlocked,Premium,Optimized)

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A simple and user-friendly mood diary app.

Simple to operate, yet fully functional
It is a simple daily journal, a mood tracker diary, and a todo diary.
It can be used as a regular picture diary, or as your travel log.
It is also a diary with a lock, which locks and encrypts your diary content, protecting your privacy and allowing you to record your mood and story with peace of mind.

Diary Timeline
It has the function of customizing personalized diary timelines, allowing you to design your favorite diary timelines freely and easily view your diary records.

Text and Image Placement
Supports mixed placement of images and text, allowing you to freely design the layout of your diary content, record your life more vividly, and easily write your life journal and log.

Text Editing
Supports diary text editing functions such as line spacing, letter spacing, color, font size, alignment, etc.
Provides powerful diary editing capabilities, making it easy for you to write your log.

Diary with Lock
It is a diary with a lock, providing fingerprint and gesture multi-locking methods.
You can lock and encrypt your daily diary, protecting your diary memories and privacy.

Classify your diary into different tags
Reading diary, mood diary, learning diary, fitness diary, travel diary, secret diary...

Template Diary
Create your own diary templates and quickly create diaries through the template diary function, avoiding writing repetitive diary content.

Multiple diary calendar display modes
Picture calendar, simple calendar
When switching to the diary picture thumbnail mode, you can easily overview your diary records by viewing the pictures in the daily diary through the calendar.

Data Analysis
Record your mood, write your own mood diary, and track your emotional changes.
Understand daily diary record data, have a dialogue with yourself through your diary, and get to know yourself better.

You can freely combine elements such as mood, weather, tags, etc., to filter out corresponding diaries.
Reviewing the past is more convenient.

Inspiration Diary
Inspired by the nine-square diary and the morning diary.
When you don't know what to write, just click the small light bulb in the upper right corner and find some inspiration on the inspiration page.

Imagine having a virtual sanctuary for your thoughts, where you can effortlessly pour your heart out onto private digital diaries. Our journaling app provides a user-friendly interface, ensuring a smooth and intuitive experience throughout your writing endeavors. You can conveniently create multiple private journals for various aspects of your life and neatly organize your entries.

We understand the significance of keeping your daily musings private and secure. Our app employs state-of-the-art encryption technology and a robust lock feature to safeguard your personal diaries from prying eyes. Your intimate thoughts deserve the utmost protection, and we take this responsibility seriously.

Our journaling app is designed to inspire and motivate you in your writing journey. Whether you want to document your travel adventures, express your emotions, set personal goals, or engage in creative storytelling, our app will be your faithful companion every step of the way.

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