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WhatsKit:No Last Seen,Status Saver is a whatsapp tool which has the entire tricks for whatsapp. This tool can perform operation like status saver for whatsapp, hidden chat, view deleted messages, blank message, send multiple messages and also send without whatsapp number. WhatsKit: An Ultimate Tool for WA is completely free tool. The usage of these features is given below.
Status Saver Whatsapp
For app to work first you need to give storage permission. Go and watch all your stories and then open all in one status saver. You will find your stories available for download by taping the download button.
Hide Chat
Whenever you see messages there is a blue thick that indicated the hide last seen. Our hidden messages feature allows you to overcome secret chat hidden clues. You are able to open the hide messages without being notice. This whatsapp cheats allow to mask chat which is another hacks for whatsapp in this application.
view deleted whatsapp messages
Sometimes users want to unsent a message and delete messages by using the whatsapp feature. This whatsapp trick can let you recover and view deleted message, photos and videos. You can detect and read messages using this feature of our app.
Send Empty Message
This prank for whatsapp allows you to send empty message to your friends. You can set a blank space by row and column and then use blank message sender feature to send empty message.
Send Message Direct App
This chat helper feature allows you to send message without saving contact to your phone list. Simply, dial the number with a country code and then send by taping Send.
Send Multiple Messages
This feature allows you to send one message to multiple users all at once.
WhatsKit: An Ultimate Tool for WhatsApp is not an official or any associated app to WhatsApp Inc. It’s a tool developed individually by Nerdy23 developer. For any queries or bug reporting, you can send us an email at [email protected]

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