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Kinder World is a cozy wellbeing game with a relaxing atmosphere. It's designed for quick stress release in just two minutes a session, with gentle evidence-based activities as you raise unique houseplants.

Reasons to love Kinder World
❤️ With a warm and welcoming community, Kinder World is a comforting journey that helps you build a daily wellbeing habit. This experience meets you where you are in the moment, judgment-free.

Discover the power of noticing and naming your emotions, even on hard days. The gentle gameplay and friendly cast of characters will help you create and decorate a personal space for self-reflection and resilience.

Enjoy short daily activities inspired by arts & crafts practices, gradually unlocking stories about Kinder World and our charming characters.

✨ We understand that self-care and forming habits can be challenging, especially for neurodivergent, disabled, and chronically ill individuals. That's why Kinder World is founded on a judgment-free ethos, supporting emotional wellness and mental health as non-linear, personal journeys without toxic positivity.

Kinder World Features

Emotional wellbeing exercises in bite-sized sessions
- Acknowledge and accept emotions, manage stress & anxiety.
- Practice self-reflection, build empathy and tailor your journey.
- Emotional Naming: Fill a sand jar with daily moods & emotions, fostering self-empathy.
- Daily Gratitude: Answer gratitude prompts to savor your experiences.
- Pause & Breathe: Find inner calm using tactical breathing.

Grow unique houseplants
- Encourage plant growth with self-care exercises.
- Unlock new plants and unique creations as you develop healthy habits.
- Plants never die, ensuring a stress-free environment.
- Learn to understand your emotions and flourish alongside your virtual garden.

Creative self-expression
- Create a personalized sand jar with arts & crafts-inspired activities.
- Customize your digital home inspired by cozy games like Animal Crossing.
- Design comfy spaces like a tranquil library, witch's atelier, or inspirational crafts room.

Relaxing journeys with comforting creatures
- Meet friendly NPCs such as Samy the Dog, Luna the Fox, Quilliam the Hedgehog, and Professor Fern.
- These charming companions will support you with uplifting messages and letters.

A welcoming, kind community
- Receive heartfelt messages from real community members.
- Enjoy artist-designed plant pot gifts from fellow players.
- Spread kindness by sending plant pots to random community members.

Research-based wellbeing activities
- We collaborate with Wellbeing Researchers like Dr. Hannah Gunderman, ensuring our approach is informed by research.
- Experience mindfulness and wellbeing research translated into effective activities for your wellbeing journey.

Join the Kinder World cultivators
- Connect with us on Tik Tok, Instagram, Twitter, and Discord!
- Visit to learn more.

If this sounds like you, download the game now!
♥ Anyone looking for stress release and relaxation
♥ Wanting a self-care or wellbeing daily habit
♥ Cozy game fans that wish for a quality mobile experience
♥ Students or workers that need some comfort and soothing
♥ Anyone looking for cute, Studio Ghibli style atmosphere
♥ Parents that want to teach their children about emotions
♥ Lofi music or ASMR lovers that want to unwind
♥ Fans of lovely mascot animals like Rilakkuma or Gudetama
♥ If you love pocket camp games like Animal Crossing

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