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Civil calculation pro app is very useful for civil engineers, students and for those who work in the construction industry. This easy to use civil calculation pro tool is also helpful for contractors. With the help of these civil calculation tools app, the contractors can calculate a very long and difficult Calculation in minutes with complete details.

Are you a civil engineer? Do you need a construction calculator to get an overall estimate for building a house? Do you want a construction material report, how much materials is used in your construction project? Use this best civil calculation pro app to create a quantity report for your current construction project.

The PRO version of Civil Calculation App doesn't have any ads, and it has more feature than the free version.

A simple tool to calculate how much concrete is needed for pouring slab, column, retaining wall, concrete wall, circle tank, dam body, round pipe, footing and rectangular tank.

Calculate how much bricks and blocks are needed for wall, circle wall, arch wall, room and build home.

Structure design tool to calculate (simply support beam, cantilever beam, fixed support beam, fixed pinned beam, column critical buckling and safe load) bending moment, share force, reaction, slope and deflection.

Civil calculation App functionalities:
✔ Calculate cement, sand and aggregate amount in concrete.
✔ How many premix cement bags required for your construction project.
✔ Option to set your own bag size and rate of cement bags.
✔ Option to set your own brick and block size to count bricks and blocks.
✔ Option to set your own trip size to calculate bad filling.
✔ calculate how much cement and sand is used in plaster walls.
✔ calculate how much liter/gallon paint is used in wall painting.
✔ Calculate how much steel is required in RCC slab, also calculate cement, sand and aggregate with total cost.

Quantity Calculator Includes:
● Concrete Calculator.
● Slab Concrete Calculator.
● Square Column Calculator.
● Dam Body Concrete Calculator.
● Retaining Walls Concrete Calculator.
● Bricks Calculator.
● Concrete Blocks Calculator.
● Plaster Quantity Calculator.
● Filling Quantity Calculator.
● Excavation Quantity Calculator.
● Paint Quantity Calculator.
● Asphalt Quantity Calculator.
● Tiles Quantity Calculator.
● Terrazzo Quantity Calculator.
● Floor Bricks Quantity Calculator.
● Anti Termite Quantity Calculator.
● Water Tank Calculator.
● Concrete Test Calculator.
● Form Work Calculator.
● Depth Of Foundation Calculator.
● Soil Mechanics Calculator.
● Super Elevation Calculator.
● Helix Bar Cut Length Calculator.

RCC Calculator Includes:
● Simple Slab Calculation.
● One-way Slab Calculation.
● Tow Way Slab Calculation.
● Four Bar Column Calculation.
● Six Bar Column Calculation.
● Round Column Calculation.
● Four Bar Beam Calculation.
● Six Bar Beam Calculation.

Structure Calculator Includes:
● Simply Support Beam Design.
● Cantilever Beam Design.
● Fixed Support Beam Design.
● Fixed Pinned Beam Design.
● Safe Load.
● Column Critical Buckling.

Volume Calculator Includes:
● Cylinder Volume.
● Rectangle Volume.
● Triangle Dumper Volume.
● Trapezoidal Volume.
● Cone Volume.
● Frustum Cone Volume.
● Parabolic Cone Volume.
● Cube Volume.
● Half Square Volume.
● Prism Volume.

Area Calculator includes:
● Circle Area.
● Rectangle Area.
● Triangle Area.
● Square Area.
● Trapezoid Area.
● Ellipse Area.

Converter Includes:
● Length Converter.
● Area Converter.
● Volume Converter.
● Weight Converter.
● Pressure Converter.
● Angle Converter.
● Power Converter.
● Force Converter.
● Temperature Converter.

Other Features of Civil Calculation App:
● Internet connection is not required.
● Fast and simple.
● Better tablet support.
● Small apk size.
● No background process.
● Share result function.
● No Ads.

If you have any suggestion about the application then feel free to contact us by email [email protected]

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