Bullet Hole: Black Hole Attack

Bullet Hole: Black Hole Attack v0.7.7 Mod APK (Unlimited money)

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How many bullets can you collect in the black hole?
A huge wave of Zombies are coming...

Swallow the world of guns and bullets to black hole. It's exciting and satisfying black hole io game with attacking bullet hole io!

Bullet hole io has easy controls with very very fun game; just swipe your finger and move the black hole to swallow all of the arms by attacking black hole!

Can you eat all the arms and bullets before the time is up?
Will you succeed to swallow down them by black hole power?

There will be giant attacking black hole soon. Remember everything is eatable! No guns, bullets, ammo, tanks and bombs is big enough to fill the black hole! Swallow the arms down the hole like an attacking hoard master hole and eat the world of attacking bullets!

Next round is using your collected bullets army with cannon's gun to defeat the zombie boss. Feed the black hole io with many bullets and arms as you can for bigger rewards.
Bullet black hole io game is a gigantic hall full of weapons and arms, try to clear them like an attacking black hole. You will need bigger black hole to swallow down the bigger ammo sizes to attack with bigger hole io. Try to stack bullets and guns in your black hole, or also biggest bombs. Just attack and eat the tasty bullets world.

Take down everything to the black hole!

All the weapons you gathered in this black hole io game will be useful.
Who will become the ultimate hole hoard master? Eat the army world, swallow down and collect the whole weapons in the hole io then attack the zombies!

Can you beat the zombies with all the arms and guns you collected in hole game?

Enjoy your new fun and favorite black hole io games; It's matter of balancing speed and accuracy!

Tell us what you want to see in next updates of Bullet Hole.

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