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Sort colorful balls and train your brain with this #1 addictive Ball Sort Puzzle game! The original special ball sorting gameplay is more challenging and will definitely make your eyes shine!

Are you a puzzle lover? Then you must not miss this ball sort puzzle game! It's a simple, fun & challenging puzzle game to train your brain!

In this ball sorting puzzle game, all you have to do is sort the colored balls in the tube until all balls of the same color are in the same tube. You can only move a ball onto another ball of the same color or into an empty tube. While playing, you will face more and more difficulties. You will need to think strategically and plan your moves ahead to avoid getting stuck. But don't worry, you can always restart at any time if you make a mistake or want to try a different strategy.

Unlike other Ball Sort puzzle games where each bottle has the same number of balls, in our color sorting game, each bottle may have a different number of balls from 1 to 7. Likewise, the maximum number of balls a bottle can hold varies from 1 to 7. This unique and original feature sets this Ball Sort Puzzle Game apart from other color sorting games!


Original and unique ball sort puzzles
Just one finger to control, tap to sort
Simple but addictive ball sort game
Rich gameplay and full of challenges
8 ball mode, more balls and more fun
❓Mystery level with question mark ball
Absolutely FREE to play this color sorting game
Unlimited levels, varying difficulty & infinite joy
Various balls, colorful backgrounds, and cute bottles to unlock
⏳No time limit, no penalty, so no pressure
Play offline, enjoy this Ball Sort game without the internet
☕Family game, suitable for all ages
Train your brain in relaxing ball sort games


Tap a bottle to pick up the top ball, then tap another bottle to drop it there.
You can stack one ball on top of another only if both balls are of the same color.
You can only move a ball onto another ball of the same color or into an empty tube.
The target tube should have room for at least one ball.
In special levels, the number of balls that each bottle can hold differs.
Try not to get stuck - but don't worry, you can always restart the level.
Use "Undo" and "Add an extra tube" to help you solve Ball Sort puzzles.

Ball Sort: Color Puzzle Master is a relaxing game that you can play anytime, anywhere, with varying difficulties, from easy to hard. You can unlock new backgrounds and balls to customize your puzzle experience, from cute animals to cool patterns. This ball puzzle game is a great way to train your brain and logical thinking!

Download it now for free and start sorting the balls!

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